Lets Celebrate!

On November 1st, I celebrated my singleness. People often find it funny that I celebrate being single but it was on that day in 2014, when I finally found myself. I realized that I was so broken and I loved someone more than I loved myself. Three years into my singleness, I can say that … Continue reading Lets Celebrate!

The Engagement Story

We were that token couple, if we were ever spotted alone someone was bound to ask where the other person was. We used Facebook and Instagram to publicly display our love for one another. We were each other's best friends, shoulder to cry on, stress relievers, and more. The weekend of my birthday, he surprised … Continue reading The Engagement Story

092316: Late Night Thoughts

092316: Late Night Thoughts I’ve successfully survived my first month of graduate school. I’m a single mother, full-time employee, high school mentor, full-time graduate student, and I belong to three small group organizations. My daughter is also involved in volleyball and cheerleading outside of school. I’m honestly not sure how I seem to manage all … Continue reading 092316: Late Night Thoughts