IMG_2731My name is Brianna Smith and I have been broken beautifully. I grew up in a broken home, lost in the things of this world, and changed my life for the better. The purpose of my blog is to empower people through life’s experiences and encourage others to push through obstacles. I am a single mother and lover of  Christ. I was a child that grew up in an abusive home, a victim of domestic violence, and a teen mom. I pray that my transparency helps you with whatever season you are going through. Pick your head up, you’re beautiful, and Jesus loves you like crazy!


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Through all of the obstacles and set backs in life, it is always so inspiring to me to see you prevail through the darkest times. You never seem to diminish this higher status of life that you have placed yourself at by never giving up, never giving in, and keeping faith. Through everything I have been so proud of you, all of your strides, and success. You are truly a soul to be envied. Thank you for how you have influenced my life and reflecting your knowledge and wisdom onto my hardships. You are the most awesome friend and I love you and your daughter always.


    1. Thank you Nessa! Niyah & I both you love to pieces. Throughout the years, you’ve witnessed my struggles and stuck by my side no matter what. For that, I appreciate you to the fullest. Thank you for being a great friend as well. I love you!!


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