Whether you are pro Valentine’s Day or anti-Valentine’s Day, we have all experienced some form of “love.” I intentionally typed love in quotes because my description of love may not look like your description of love. If a group of people were asked to write down what love means to them using one word, everyone’s answer would be different. Although love is said to be a universal language, it is not displayed equally. My love doesn’t look like your love.

Growing up, we were always taught to treat people the way we want to be treated. Life has taught us to treat people the way they have treated us. Our interactions with others tend to be shaped by our past experiences. Hurt people hurt people who have and have not been previously hurt. This causes a domino effect and the people who had never been hurt before, start to carry brokenness as well.

Love is a beautiful thing but when it is masked with brokenness, it gets ugly fast. The best thing you can do for yourself is to take the time to fully heal. This includes healing from childhood trauma, failed relationships, friendships, and self-inflicted wounds. Strive to be completely healed and satisfied with being by yourself before allowing someone to enter into your intimate space. Once you do, awakening love then becomes a beautiful thing.

I fully support being happily in love and I also support loving yourself fully prior to awakening love. Happy Valentine’s Day my loves! Cheers to those celebrating this day with their significant others and cheers to those who are showing themselves extra love.



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