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Vinales, Cuba

On November 1st, I celebrated my singleness. People often find it funny that I celebrate being single but it was on that day in 2014, when I finally found myself. I realized that I was so broken and I loved someone more than I loved myself. Three years into my singleness, I can say that I am bold, confident, loving, graceful, and beautiful. Many people sit and complain about being single instead of enjoying this season. Being single and satisfied means walking in your purpose, going after your goals, and simply enjoying life. My single season comes with many phases. For the first year, I did not want to think about dating or relationships. I just wanted to heal and be alone. My friends would say things like “when you get married. . .” and my response would shut it down immediately.  At that time, I had no desire to get married.

Year 2 marked the year where I began praying and fasting for my future spouse but also asking God to hide me until my husband finds me. It was this year where I realized that I wasn’t just guarding my heart but I was also putting a huge wall up. I couldn’t let people know the sensitive, caring, and genuinely loving Bri. I had to decide if I was going to trust my flesh or trust God instead. Trusting my flesh was pushing my feelings aside and forcing others to only know surface level things. Trusting God was believing that He will give me the desires of my heart. I couldn’t keep punishing people for the hurt others put me through. I had to get rid of the stereotypes I believed and be completely open to accepting love. As I celebrate year 3, I still find myself struggling to remove the wall. However, I am allowing God to continuously prepare me to be a Proverbial 31 woman and I know that I will be a bomb wife one day. Until then, I shall enjoy my single season and not be afraid of awakening love.

3 Dating Tips:

  1. Do not ignore the red flags. If you have a gut feeling, it’s probably true.
  2. Throw out your list. Yes, the list we have of the things we want in a man. His height, complexion, and salary has nothing to do with his character.
  3. Raw and blunt communication upfront will save you so much time. Find out where they stand on topics such as marriage and kids.

3 Tips for Singles:

  1. You can be selfish in your single season. Take yourself out to dinner, watch a matinee, travel, and explore new hobbies.
  2. Be in love with YOU.
  3. Find your purpose in this season and go after it.





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