Vinales, Cuba

That anxious feeling came over me as I waited for my Uber to arrive with my luggage set aside next to me. Am I really traveling to a country where Americans have been banned for decades? Am I really traveling alone and meeting everyone else once I land in a Spanish speaking country? As I waited for the plane to take off, I decided to put my headphones on, listen to music and catch up with classwork. The guy sitting next to me noticed I was reading a textbook and asked what I was studying. I tried to make little conversation as if I was interested in hearing what he had to say about my studies but I just wanted to get back in my zone.

The plane began to descent and I arrived in Fort Lauderdale, ready to obtain my Cuban visa during my 3-hour layover. After getting my visa I decided to grab a bite to eat at one of the terminal’s restaurants. It was then that this sense of freedom came over me. As a child, I always had desires to travel the world but as I got older my focus switched because I was wrapped up in my ex-boyfriend/fiance. Traveling wasn’t an option, as I was the more responsible significant other and had to pick up for the lack.

Am I really traveling to Cuba without a worry in the world? I can freely travel and return knowing that my daughter is in good hands and I don’t have to worry about finances or my household not being in order when I return. This is what being single, satisfied, and at peace is about! This sense of freedom was a feeling I never felt before. Who or what is preventing you from truly being free and experiencing God’s peace?


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