Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve always been fascinated with the ocean. I remember watching Laguna Beach on MTV and falling in love with California. Growing up, I would always tell people that I belonged in Cali although I’ve never been to

Hellshire Beach, JA 2016

the state. When I reached adulthood, I realized the cost of living in Cali was cray cray and I said “Nope!” However, paying frequent visits to the beach was never a problem for a Florida girl. So instead of moving to Cali, I opted to one day own a beach house and just visit the beach in the meantime.

It’s something about driving with the windows down and smelling the salt water in the air. Parking the car and walking bare foot on the hot sand. The moment you get close to water, everything around you becomes serene and your problems just slowly drift away. It’s like I can hear someone saying, “Peace, be still.” 

Now that I live in Atlanta, I am hundreds of miles away from the ocean but I can still experience that peace I feel when I’m on the beach. I’ve been in a season where I feel like I’ve been coasting. I’ve been in a place of peace and observation. Even if I look ahead and things appear to be crashing, I am still at ease. This is the place where God wants me and I am more than willing to be obedient. I know that when I allow Him to route my path, everything will fall into place and work out way better than what I could have ever planned. 

Today, God is telling you to just coast. Stop worrying, stop stressing, stop trying to figure everything out, and coast. Give it all to God and allow Him to fight your battles for you. You may feel like you’ve been going in the same circle but God wants to remove you from that circle. Trust in Him and watch how He transforms your situation. He’s saying, “Be still and know that I am God.” Will you completely let go and allow Him to move you? Just COAST.  



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