I never recalled my parents telling me that I was pretty when I was younger. However, I was never one of those girls who struggled with self-esteem issues or insecurities. I also wasn’t that girl who was conceited and prideful about my appearance. I was just a little girl who was satisfied with herself and didn’t necessarily need anyone to tell me how I appeared to them. I never thought that I was ugly but I also didn’t think I was the prettiest girl walking around. It wasn’t until middle school, when some kids created their own superlatives and listed me as being one of the prettiest girls in the school. When my friends approached me to ask if I heard the news, I stood there with a surprised look on my face and went about my day like nothing happened. However, it was that moment when I realized that I can be beautiful without being conceited. I can have a high sense of confidence without being prideful and I can humbly say that I am a beautiful person.

As I approached high school and college, people began to hurt me. It seemed like those that were closest to me hurt me the most. I’ve been verbally and physically abused, lied to, falsely accused, stolen from, cheated on, gossiped about, molested, and left to deal with things on my own. However, it was in those moments that God turned an ugly situation around and allowed me to see the beauty in pain. It built my character on the interior and allowed my exterior to SHINE like never before. Today, I can say that I am beautiful by what’s in my heart not because of my outward appearance. Have you ever realized that some celebrities who get minor plastic surgery start to go overboard until they look like a complete different person? You can pay someone a million dollars to try and make you pretty but you’ll never be satisfied until you evaluate what’s in your heart.  


Dear Queen,

Every trial and tribulation that was supposed to tear you down, has made you into a stronger woman. With every harsh word or knife that has stabbed you in the back, has allowed you to shine bright even in those dark moments. Some days may be harder than others but I just wanted you to know that you ARE beautiful. So allow your inward beauty to shine even on the days that you’re feeling the most vulnerable. I love you but God loves you more!

Song recommendation: “Beautiful” by Mali Music 



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