Remember when you were younger and tried lying to your parents about something? However, they knew immediately that you weren’t telling the truth and you couldn’t figure out how they knew. What if your parents knew you were going to lie BEFORE you even spoke? Crazy right?!

I know someone who knows EVERYTHING before we even say a word and his name is Jesus. Our Father is all knowing. He just wants to hear from you. When’s the last time you got before the Lord and just cried out? Tell him how you’re feeling. Remove yourself from all distractions and begin to pour out to him.  He is Jehovah Shalom, a peaceful God. Look to him for peace and understanding.

All too often, our first line of defense against the enemy is to hop on the phone and call or text someone about what’s going on. Your first AND last line of defense should be our Father. He can break barriers that no man could ever imagine. He has the last say and if it is in his will, he WILL provide! Stop looking to man for answers and LOOK TO GOD. He will direct you in the right path, EVERY SINGLE TIME.

Today, I encourage you to drop down to your knees and pour your heart out to him. Tell him your needs, thoughts, and feelings. Sit in a quiet place and just focus on him. In fact, I challenge you to do it RIGHT NOW! I guarantee that you won’t even have to pick up that phone and vent to your friends or family after you’ve given it all to God. He has the answer; he’s just waiting to hear from you. I love you and Jesus loves you even more!


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