092316: Late Night Thoughts

I’ve successfully survived my first month of graduate school. I’m a single mother, full-time employee, high school mentor, full-time graduate student, and I belong to three small group organizations. My daughter is also involved in volleyball and cheerleading outside of school. I’m honestly not sure how I seem to manage all of this but I’m enduring beautifully. My days seem to collide and before I know it, the week is already over. There are days when I want to just stay in bed and sleep but I’m reminded daily of my purpose.

God has equipped me with the strength and endurance to handle this new chapter. Similar to the weather, with new seasons come changes to your environment. When people seem to fade away and you begin to lose interest in certain things, rejoice! I’ve surrounded myself with positive energy and rid myself of distractions. In order for you to fully flourish in new seasons, toxic people and behaviors must go. Initially, it may be hard but it is the best thing that you could ever do for yourself. There is nothing better than having a peace of mind and if people can’t seem to understand, they are probably the ones that need to go.

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Are you holding onto an old chapter?
  2. What is your purpose?
  3. Who or what is stopping you from living in your purpose?
  4. Why are you afraid of letting go?


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