How are you all feeling this winter/holiday season? Most recently, I’ve stumbled across one too many statuses of people bashing others from their past relationships and/or seeking attention from the opposite sex. Yes, I understand it can be extremely difficult being single or getting over a break up from about November to the end of February. I’ve been there all too often when my attention was focused in the wrong place.

Winter is here and the world says it’s “cuddle” season right? Are you still hurt and don’t want to be lonely during this season so you entertain others with your hurt self? Or does it seem like everyone and their mother got engaged this holiday season but you think you’re still “stuck” in your single/hurt season?

The Lord put it on my heart to do a series of blogs about getting over your ex. This series will consist of 4 blogs about overcoming the breakup:

Part 1: Time Heals All Wounds

Part 2: Let the Past Stay in the Past

Part 3: Guard Your Heart

Part 4: So You Think You’re Ready to Date Again?

Be on the lookout this weekend for part 1!





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