FullSizeRenderTowards the end of 2014, I started writing my New Year resolution. The first thing on my list (and the only one that mattered) was to become closer to God. It was then that the Lord spoke to me and placed the number 7 on my heart. I would get so annoyed that it kept popping up every where. I began to realize that it meant something to me. The coming year would have been 7 years of being in a TOXIC relationship and the 7th year of my daughter’s life. After researching the Bible, I learned that the number 7 is the number of COMPLETION. I knew that I had to let certain things go.

In November of 2014, I ended six year relationship and a 7 month engagement. A relationship that God NEVER gave me peace about. Because of my obedience, I avoided being stuck in an unequally yoked marriage for life as I do not believe in divorce. In 2015, I was able to draw nearer to God and He began to reveal things to me. He told me that I had to leave Orlando and so I stepped out on crazy faith and moved to another state with ONLY two weeks of planning. My sudden move pushed my faith and obedience to another level. I moved to a new state as a single mother with NO family or friends in the area. All I had was God and my daughter! I drew so much closer to God and my passion and love for him grew like crazy.

One month after my move, God revealed my purpose to me. I was leaving church, decided to just ride home in silence, and God started speaking to me. Once He revealed it, I pretty much ran from it out of fear. I thought I couldn’t live up to His expectations and plan over my life. But God doesn’t give us the spirit of fear or doubt. As I continued to run away from my purpose and pursue other things, I began to feel SO empty and purposeless. After months of running and feeling empty, I decided to STOP and face my God given purpose.

So many doors and friendships closed in 2015 and I am thankful for it! I know that God is going to do AMAZING things for myself and the people in my life this year and I am crazy excited for us all!

2015 was the year of completion for me and 2016 is the year that God starts holding my hand and guiding me through this purposeful life. I pray that anyone reading this draws nearer to God this year and make 2016 the best year of the rest of your life!


9 thoughts on “2016: Walking In Your Purpose

  1. Through all of the obstacles and set backs in life, it is always so inspiring to me to see you prevail through the darkest times. You never seem to diminish this higher status of life that you have placed yourself at by never giving up, never giving in, and keeping faith. Through everything I have been so proud of you, all of your strides, and success. You are truly a soul to be envied. Thank you for how you have influenced my life and reflecting your knowledge and wisdom onto my hardships. You are the most awesome friend and I love you and your daughter always.


  2. How beautiful you have blossomed my dear daughter…I love you and continue on your destiny love..you have and still is making some incredible God driven choices…up up up


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